50 shades of Dray

I am a Dom. I am a human. I make mistakes. I learn from My mistakes as to not make them again.

Even though I am a Dominant it doesn't mean that I am cold hearted or don't have emotions and/or feelings. Somewhere along the way people in this lifestyle have perceived the notion that Dom's do not need the reassurances that subs do. This couldn't be further from the truth.

We are people too. We enjoy hearing that We did a good job at something. We want to hear that was an amazing scene or a fantastic spanking. Nice writing. Great picture. Everyone needs to hear "good job" or "way to go" at some point. If the good isn't over emphasized and only the negatives are then the person only knows that they aren't good enough.

At what point do people start to understand that Dominants have feelings, thoughts and emotions too? When and where did people stop realizing this? Just because the Dom is in charge doesn't mean that the Dom doesn't have a feeling or two that can get hurt along the way. We are in fact people too and it may surprise many that We are human as well. Everyone enjoys hearing that they did something good.

A good Dom will reward good and acceptable behavior in many ways. A simple good girl can work or washing her hair at bath time; a massage with lotion or back rubs while she falls asleep. When is the last time you have rewarded your Dom? Have you made your Dom spoiled and special lately?

Try to see things from a different perspective other than your own. A Dominant has many things to take into consideration. your thoughts and understandings. your training. your physical and mental well-being. your outlook. your attitude. your perception. Everything you do He/She has to take into consideration for good or bad. The Dom stays on top of everything playing chess not checkers as He/She thinks four or five moves in advance. This is no easy task. Add to this assignments, daily life, work, kids, bills, etc. etc. the list goes on and on.

In closing; I feel it is important to remember those who base Their whole life around you and what you're feeling by reminding them that They too are doing a good job. Even when they mess up. Because yes, W/we are all human and W/we all mess up.

But this is just one Dom's opinion.

Until next time,

Stay safe, make good choices and as always; stay kinky My friends.