Talk, talk, talk!

Talk, talk, talk!
Photo by Korney Violin / Unsplash

Doesn't matter if you are a Dom/me, a sub, a switch... If you are considering meeting someone for the first time, you should

Talk, talk, talk!

There's no such thing as to much talk while trying to know someone (nor after as long as you aren't doing anything else that implies the mouth being occupied. 😁)

There are no two people alike, otherwise we wouldn't take that long to choose someone 😉, so... talk, take your time and learn who's the person in front of you.

Doms don't need to be a Disney Prince able to read minds and know a sub every little desire and expectation. Subs aren't porn stars who will immediately drop naked on their knees if you say that you are a plumber.

There’s an old saying around here:

"Your Kink Is Not My Kink But Your Kink Is Okay”

.... but doesn't imply you two are still compatible for anything else more than talk.


  • Stay safe, go slow.
  • Talk, learn who's in front of you
  • You are not less male, less Dom if you say "no". Leave that for the vanillas.